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In respectful memory of

835648 Private

Clarence McCabe

 As submitted by Mr Bryan Joyce...

Clarence McCabe was a farmer from the north shore of Hay Bay near the town of Napanee, Ontario.  He was born June 23, 1891 and was the only son of Ashton and Martha McCabe.  Clarence was tall and thin, weighing 175 lbs and standing 6 feet 3 and a half inches tall.  
On March 1, 1916 at the age of 25 he volunteered to the 146th Battalion, also known as the Frontenac Battalion, and given service number 835648.  He volunteered with his 16 year old cousin Reggie Brown, however Reggie was found out to be under age and discharged shortly afterwards. 
After completing training with the 146th, Clarence left Halifax for England on September 25th, 1916 on the SS Southland and arrived there safely 12 days later.  On October 27th, Clarence along with 276 other men from the 146th, was transferred to the 4th CMR.  He arrived in France on November 3rd which was a relatively good time as the winter of 1916-1917 was a period free from any major operations.
Clarence went “over the top” of the trenches with 826 other men from the battalion on April 9, 1917 to take part in the battle of Vimy Ridge.  Clarence made it unscathed through the battle and helped the 4th CMR achieve all of their objectives by mid afternoon.  On May 26th the 4th was in divisional reserve in a part of the line known as Toronto Camp.  It had been a bright and warm day and around 8:30 pm they were engaged in a baseball game.  Clarence picked up a blind (unexploded) shell which went off and killed him instantly. 
This was all the more tragic in that 7 other men died and 11 others were wounded in this accident.   Private Charles Hartin (636730), Sgt. George Knowles (401367), Private George Fraser Griffin (648376), Private Shurley Asselstine (835622), Private Arthur Carroll (835475), Private Bertie James Traviss and Corporal James Henry Dunn (835508).  5 of these were from Clarence’s home town of Napanee and all these men were likely close friends of Clarence’s.  Private Thomas Chester Alexander Davy, Private Cecil Morrison and Private Morley Rex Gilbert were wounded in this accident as well.  Clarence is buried in La Targette British Cemetery in Neuville-St. Vaast, France.  
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