Project Aims

The aim of the Maple Leaf Legacy Project is to photograph or obtain a photograph of every Canadian War Grave of the 20th Century. These photos will be made freely available on the project’s web site.

Most of the families and friends of Canada’s war dead have never visited and will never visit the graves of the fallen due to the distances and expenses involved. We cannot bring their bodies home for burial but we can bring photos of the graves into the homes of all Canadians. In doing so we will create a virtual Canadian National War Cemetery.

In digital format this archive should be a permanent addition to the National Archives of Canada and a permanent photographic inventory of Canada’s War Graves for generations to come.

The Maple Leaf Legacy Project currently has registered charity status with the Government of Canada.

The project relies solely on the kind assistance of the hundreds of volunteers and sponsors around the world to get the photographs or to donate funds to help pay for the good work of the project.