Project History

The Maple Leaf Legacy Project was the result of a search for a millennium project in April 1997. In my search to do something meaningful, worthwhile and with a lasting benefit for Canada and Canadians, my interest in computers, photography and in Canada’s war history resulted in the Millennia Legacy Project. This name would later be changed to better reflect the nature of the project.

This project has the added benefits of being:

* a valuable addition to the historical archives of Canada

* a research and teaching tool.

* a permanent record of Canada’s war graves

* a unique and creative blend of modern technology, photography, history, genealogy, volunteerism and good old fashioned hard work.

* an opportunity for Canadians and friends of Canadians around the world to contribute to a unique project, the archival records of Canada and to the memory of those who fell for Canada and for the cause of peace and freedom around the world.