Project Numbers

To give you an idea of the size and scope of The Maple Leaf Legacy Project here are some of the numbers we have to consider. Some of these numbers are approximates.

74 Countries have Canadian War Graves
115,000 Total Canadian war dead from WW1 & WW2
82,000 of these have known graves.
30,000 of these have no known grave and are remembered on large memorials
516 Canadians died in the Korean War
104 Canadian Peacekeepers have died in the cause of peace since WW2
51,953 Canadian War Graves rest in 861 cemeteries in France
18,516 Canadian War Graves in Belgium in 222 cemeteries
17,000+ Canadian War Graves are resting in almost 2700 cemeteries across Canada
12,623 Canadian War Graves rest in 1208 cemeteries in the United Kingdom
5,963 Canadian War Graves rest in Italy
5,755 Canadian War Graves rest in the Netherlands
3,223 Canadian War Graves rest in Germany
529 Canadian War Graves rest in Hong Kong

The Vimy Memorial commemorates 11,172 Canadian war dead with no known grave. These panels of names were all photographed in July 2001 by Steve Douglas. A special section of this web site is currently under construction and will be the first searchable database of the project.

117,000+ pages are estimated to be in The Maple Leaf Legacy Project web site when complete

Each of those photos must be shot, digitized, uploaded, catalogued, manipulated, linked and labeled.

Assuming that each of the estimated 115,000 photos will take about 10 minutes to process and load into it’s web page, that extrapolates to 1,150,000 minutes or 19,166 hours or 798 – 24 hour days or 2,396 – 8 hour days or 6.6 years for one person working steadily for 8 hours a day with no breaks, no weekends, no lunch breaks, no toilet breaks.

For more information, please see our Countries and Cemeteries list page.