Picture Progress

Since April 1997

To date we have over 106,000+ (Sept 2, 2011) commemorations photographed.

That means that there are only 9,000, or so, still to be photographed. Get on board now before they are all done. There’s bound to be a Canadian War Grave in a cemetery near you. We need your help.

So far, the volunteers have been the sole suppliers of photographs to the project.
The support for and assistance with the project has come from around the globe and I am very grateful to them all.

We have had volunteers send in photos from 
Australia, Belgium, Bahamas, England, Gibralatar, Spain, Portugal, France, Iceland, India, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Scotland, Japan, South Africa, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Hong Kong, USA, St Lucia, Israel, Syria, and, of course, many places in Canada.

The following countries have been completed:
Australia, 3:   Thanks to the staff of the Canadian High Commission in Canberra
Austria, 4:   Thanks to Karl Primik
Bahamas, 7:   Thanks to Anne & Bill Leyden of Florida
Bangladesh 37:   Thanks to Stephanie Walsh, David Bridgeaux, Harry Troche and David Crawford
Bulgaria 1:   Thanks to Ralph McLean
Cyprus, 6:   Thanks to Annette and Ira Austin
Czech Republic, 9:   Thanks to Mr Pavel Vancata of Prague
Faroes Islands 6:   Thanks to Don White of Canada
Gambia 10:   Thanks to Richard Howells
Gibraltar, 18:   Thanks to Mr. John Goodyear of Gibraltar
Greece 64,:   Thanks to Ralph McLean, Ian McQuigg, Roger Lightfoot
Hong Kong 529:   Thanks to Richard Hinkle of Hong Kong and Vincent Tong of Canada
Iceland 48:   Thanks to David Noakes and Ted Lemaistre of Canada
Jamaica 10:   Thanks to Vanessa McLean of Canada
Japan 137:   Thanks to Matt Smith of Australia
Kenya 3:   Thanks to Kevin Lambie of Canada
Korea 516:   Thanks to David C. Dumont of Canada
Lebanon 1:   Thanks to Oren J of Canada
Luxembourg 4:   Thanks to Steve Douglas of Canada (Belgium)
Macedonia 1,:   Thanks to Ian McQuigg
Malta 321:   Thanks to Joseph Vella of Malta, Terry Wallace of England and Fred Killick of France
Morocco 9:   Thanks to Ralph McLean of Canada
Myanmar 57:   Thanks to Ralph McLean of Canada and Matt Poole
Norway, 54:   Thanks to Mr. Bjarne Berre (6 pics) and Mr. Peter Jevons (48 pics)
Poland 42:   Thanks to Neil Baker of England and Martin Crompton of England
Portugal 6:   Thanks to Joao Sarradas Duarte of Portugal and Magdalena Gorrell Guimaraens of Portugal
Romania 2:   Thanks to Ralph McLean
Sudan 8:   Thanks to Mjr James Simiana and Cpt David Holden, both of Canada
St Lucia, Thanks to Anne and Bill Leyden
Sweden, 24:   Thanks to Steve Douglas,
Switzerland, 12:   Thanks to Mr. Bill Wheeler & family.
Syria 1:   Thanks to Cpl James Sawka and Cpl Kelly Salisbury of Canada
Tanzania 1:   Thanks to Kevin Lambie of Canada
Thailand 7:   Thanks to Kristin Moore of Canada and Matt Smith of Australia
Trinidad & Tobago 3:  Thanks to Mr. Hal Watson of Canada
Tunisia, 83:   Thanks to Mr Ralph McLean & helpers
Turkey 83:   Thanks to Ralph McLean of Canada