TOTAL 194 commemorations in 2 cemetery

The cut off dates of death for war graves is : WWI – 31st August 1921 WWII – 31st December 1947

Anything after these dates should be veterans graves and not photographed. Please check in with the project representative before heading out to do any photography. He will know which ones have been done so far and may save you a trip.

Red locations are done.
Blue locations are assigned and awaiting completion.
Burgundy locations are partly done

KRANJI WAR CEMETERY 3 Michael Wuenstel, Ken Roberts
SINGAPORE MEMORIAL 191 Edna Cyples, Matt Smith, Michael Wuenstel, Ken Roberts

** Please keep an eye out for graves of Newfoundlanders. As Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949, some of them may not be included in these numbers